Diane and Deb Linton (the new PD) will be at KBS by lunch on Sunday am. Kathy and Terry will be coming from the airport by 2 pm and we will all leave KBS after lunch on Monday, Hilary driving to Chicago and Kathy, Terry, and Jan returning to the Kalamazoo airport.



1. What are the predicted/desired impacts of FIRST II on students? faculty?

2. What evidence do we gather to determine the impact?

- Assessment of student outcomes

- Profiles of faculty as teachers - to what degree are they implementing active, inquiry-based learning?

- Support/recognition/rewards for faculty within their department/college/university re: effective teaching.

3. What common data collection strategies, tools do we need from FIRST II teams?

Planning for year two of FIRST II.

1. What does each FS1 team plans to do in 2002-2003?

- workshops, contacts with ITs between workshops.

2. Budgeting ... What have you spent and what are you going to spend?

3. Information Diane and Jan will need this year.

Web site planning and materials development

1. What needs to be added? fixed? Check out the site before you come.

e.g. Deb is currently getting the timeline we prepared at the January meeting into a calendar form that will go on the web.