FIRST II WORKSHOP #2: 10/06/02

Santa Margarita (South)

Tentative Agenda

9:00 - Welcome - Goals for today

9:15 - Concept Mapping - Kathleen et al.

10:45 - Break

11:45 - Lunch

12:45 - Rubrics

2:00 - Break

2:15 - Assessment - information about FS1 meeting

2:45 - How are things going? Progress on action plans? Speed bumps?

Communication - among team members & w/FS team

Homework - Baseline 3

4:00 - Evaluation


FIRST II is a national dissemination network that provides long-term professional development for life science faculty in teaching and learning. Focused at biological field stations and marine laboratories, teams of scientists interact in a supportive environment where teaching and learning can be fully integrated into their professional culture. Faculty learn instructional practices and develop support systems so that their excellence in teaching ultimately improves learning by all students.

Goals of FIRST II

a. Enable faculty to gain experience in active, inquiry-based science teaching that increases student learning through workshops that model this kind of teaching;

b. Enable faculty to learn and use multiple assessment strategies that provide evidence of student learning which their peers accept;

c. Develop eight teams of faculty as professional developers of biology faculty in their regions;

d. Use field stations, marine laboratories, or other field sites that have an educational mission in eight regions throughout the United States as foci to maintain and expand coalitions of faculty who will implement and sustain reform in undergraduate biology education in their colleges and universities;

e. Facilitate collaboration among faculty about their reforms toward achieving excellence in science teaching, and about the emerging criteria and strategies for the scholarship of teaching, so that teaching can be recognized, evaluated, and rewarded within institutions;

f. Support a national dissemination network to sustain improvement in teaching initiated by faculty.