FIRST II Through Field Stations at

Murray State University/ Hancock Biological Station

Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching

February 2003


Please BRING the following for use during institute activities:


      Any written materials you have produced for use in a class as a result of the May and August 2002 institutes (class activities, lab activities, assessment tools, problems, tasks, cool test questions, etc.)


Other items to bring:


      Your FIRST II binder (with all contents) and black notebook

      Your Action Plans


Institute Goals:


      Obtain feedback regarding new interventions you developed and/or implemented in your teaching/curricula;

      Continue theme of research and scholarship of teaching; and

      Discuss what evidence you are collecting to indicate there is a positive impact on improving your teaching and student learning.





Saturday, February 8, 2003


7:00 AM               Breakfast


8:00 AM               Brief Updates from Teams; Workshop Goals


9:00 AM               The Big Picture of Assessment: Heres what I want to know about my students- now how do I find that out? 


10:30 AM             Refreshments


12:00 AM             Lunch


1:00 PM                What have you done?  A focus on participant activities.


3:00 PM                Refreshments


4:30 PM                Revisit Your Action Plans


6:00 PM                Dinner


7:00 PM                Assessment: A case study


8:00 PM                Social Time



Sunday, February 9, 2003




7:00 AM                     Breakfast


8:00 AM                     Using Technology to Facilitate Formative Assessment in the Classroom


9:00 AM                     Assessment:  A case study


10:00 AM                   Refreshments


12:00 AM                   Departure