FIRST II Workshop

Fall 2003


Friday Afternoon:  November 14


2:00 pm   Introduction to ConcepTests


2:30 pm   Video: "Thinking together: Collaborative learning in science." Derek Bok Center (producer). (1992).  Cambridge, MA: Harvard University. 18 minutes.


                 Synopsis: Collaborative learning stresses active learning and allows students to work with one another in class and master difficult material by pooling their intellectual resources. This technique increases their understanding of concepts and engenders more confidence in their work. The video presents three models of collaborative learning currently used in Harvard science classrooms and shows students actively involved in discussing problems and devising solutions with the help of their instructor.


3:00 pm   Small group discussion (by teams): Development of ConcepTest questions for your classes


4:00 pm   Classroom visit scheduling, other business


4:30 pm   Dinner


Friday Evening:  November 14


6:00 pm     "Our Experience with ConcepTests," Minou Spradley, City College


7:00 pm     Group sharing and surveys: informal presentations on active strategies team members have used in their classrooms - what worked and what didn't


9:00 pm     Adjourn


Saturday Morning: November 15


8:00 am     Breakfast and Journal Club - Informal discussion of Crouch, C. H. and Mazur, E., 2001, Peer Instruction: Ten Years of Experience and Results. American Journal of Physics, 69(9), 970-977. (see attachment)


9:00 am     Group sharing and testing of ConcepTests


10:30 am   "Introduction to Semantica Education: Semantic networking with the best practices of knowledge management" - Kathleen Fisher, SDSU


11:30 am   Future plans and strategies for the classroom and working in institution teams


12:30 pm   Adjourn