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It was a pleasure to meet and work with [number] members of your faculty, [faculty name, faculty name, and faculty name], at the initial Professional Development Workshop of the Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching II (FIRST II) project. FIRST II is a national dissemination project funded through the National Science Foundation's Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement program of the Division of Undergraduate Education. Your faculty comprise one of five teams that competed successfully for a position to work on teaching reforms through [FS Team Name, e.g. Kellogg Biological Station]. As a result, your faculty are breaking new ground in the determination and implementation of effective strategies for improving student learning.

[Faculty name, faculty name, and faculty name] each made significant contributions to a highly successful workshop. Their diverse backgrounds, insights into student learning, and motivation to excel as educators of all students was impressive. Because FIRST II is a research-based project, the willingness of your faculty to collect and provide data on their teaching, assess students' performance, and implement course reforms is essential and much appreciated. As a leader of faculty training, my co-workers and I can provide your faculty with guidance, resources, and feedback.The real work, however, lies on the shoulders of your faculty as they strive to develop, implement, and revise new approaches to teaching in their classrooms. The goals and strategies that they have collectively and individually established for the next four years are ambitious yet attainable. After working with your faculty for just a few days, I am confident of their ability and motivation to succeed in their short- and long-term endeavors.

Selection of a faculty team from [name of university] resulted, in part, from the letter of administrative support that was submitted as part of the application process. Your continued and strong support of your faculty team over the next four years is essential to their success. I urge you to provide the strongest support possible as your faculty take on the work and potential risks required to reform their courses and, perhaps, curricula. I thank you for the significant initial support that you have provided.

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