FIRST II: Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching Through Field Stations

End of Workshop Evaluation and Assessment

Purpose of Assessment:

1) To assess how well the workshop met the participants' needs and expectations.

2) To obtain suggestions for improvement of future workshops.

3) To evaluate to what degree the goals of FIRST II were achieved.

I. Conference Activities

1.  In order of importance to you, list the 3 new ideas, insights or understandings that you are taking away as a result of your participation in this workshop.











2.  In order of importance to you, list any expectations for this workshop that were not met.











3.  Given that this workshop has a time limit, which workshop topics or activities would you have devoted less time to in order to have spent more time on other topics or activities?


     Devote less time to these topics/activities:






     Devote more time to these topics/activities:






4.  As a result of this workshop, how, if at all, has your perception and/or attitude toward active, inquiry-based learning changed? Explain.








5.  Using a scale of 1-5 (1=no confidence; 5=highly confident), please rate your confidence in your ability to implement the techniques presented at this workshop.




6.  What additional information, resources, and/or experiences do you feel you need in order to successfully (with confidence) implement active, inquiry-based learning into your courses?











II. Logistics


7.  Using a scale of 1-5 (1=highly unfavorable; 5=highly favorable), please rate and comment on the following logistical aspects of this workshop:


a)   Scheduling






b)   Food






c)    Meeting Facilities






d)   Use of Media/AV







III. Other Comments


8.    Please comment on any aspect of this workshop and/or offer suggestions for improvements.