FIRST II: Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching Through Field Stations

End of Workshop Evaluation and Assessment

Purpose of Assessment:

1) To assess how well the workshop met the participants' needs and expectations.

2) To obtain suggestions for improvement of future workshops.

3) To evaluate to what degree the goals of FIRST II were achieved.

1.  For each of the following topics, indicate (with an X) if you felt that not enough time was spent on the topic, too much time was spent on the topic, or the appropriate amount of time was spent on the topic.




Not Enough

Good Balance

Too Much

Teaching Goals




Inquiry-based approaches




Cooperative learning








Prepared material




Time in the field




Group interaction time




Individual planning time







2.  What went well?











3.  What needs improvement?











4.  What was most useful?











5.  What was useless?











6.  What was the most confusing point?











7.  What was the most illuminating point?










8.  General Comments