Assessment Techniques

Bloom's Taxonomy - [PDF version] - Descriptions of the major categories in the cognitive domain of educational objectives (Bloom, 1956)

Worksheet on Bloom's Taxonomy - [PDF version] - Seven assessment questions from an environmental science course. Categorize them by cognitive level. Compare your categorization with colleagues or with the questions' authors.

Rubrics - Example rubrics for extended respones questions.

C-TOOLS - web-based concept mapping tool



Assessment Instruments

The American Association of Higher Education Assessment Forum - This is the primary national network connecting and supporting higher education stakeholders involved in assessment. It promotes thoughtful, effective approaches to assessment that involve faculty, benefit students, and improve the quality of teaching and learning. It helps campuses, programs, and individuals to plan, implement, and share the results of their assessment efforts by publishing, networking, and sponsoring an annual national conference.

Field Tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) - FLAG offers broadly applicable, self-contained modular classroom assessment techniques and discipline-specific tools for SMET instructors interested in new approaches to evaluating student learning, attitudes and performance. Each has been developed, tested and refined in real college and university classrooms. The FLAG also contains an assessment primer, a section to help you select the most appropriate assessment technique(s) for your course goals, and other resources.