Research interests

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Base DisciplineResearch areaResearch interestFaculty NameInstitutionDepartment/AddressPhone
agricultureagricultureagriculture, crop production of sugarcaneKennedy, CharlesLouisiana State UniversityDepartment of Agronomy(225) 578-1217
agricultureagricultureEthnicity in agriculture, grat plains historyBaltensperger, BradleyMichigan Technological UniversityDepartment of Social Sciences(906) 487-2460
botanyno current researchNo Current Research; past research: molecular genetics of plant microbe interactionsYoung, CalFullerton College(714) 524-1045
botanyno current researchno current research; interests vascular plant systematicsSchwartz, FaylaEverett Community CollegeDepartment of Biology(425) 388-9451
botanyplant physiologymolecular biology of seed developmentUeda, TakFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityCollege of Arts and Sciences(941) 590-7236
botanyplant physiologymolecular mechanisms of flowing, genetic engineering of plant developmentCruz-Alvarez, Marilyn Florida Gulf Coast UniversityCollege of Arts and Sciences(941) 590-7237
botanyplant physiologyplant physiology (growth and development)Gordon, WilliamHoward UniversityDepartment of Biology(202) 806-6945
botanyplant taxonomyPlant Taxonomy: loasaceae systematics, flora of mid-Florida; utilizatyion fo greenspace; wetlands regulationPoston, MurielHoward UniversityDepartment of Biology(202) 806-3100
chemistryenvironmental chemistrySoil Chemistry, soil management in agriculturs (sustainability and water quality, remediation/reclamation of degrded soilsGaston, LewisLouisiana State UniversityDepartment of Agronomy(225) 578 - 1403
chemistryenvironmental chemistryrun off toxicant environmental fateDowd, RickNorthland CollegeCSE 204(715) 682-1209
chemistryflourescence chemistryFluorescence spectroscopy, eneergy transfer in photosynthetic algae, characterizing inks by flourescence spectraGrunkemeyer, HeatherOhio Wesleyan UniversityDepartment of Chemistry(740) 368-3534
ecologyaquatic ecologyEnvironmental control of algae: water quality and poution; algal toxinsMosto, PatriciaRowan UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(856) 256-4833
ecologyaquatic ecologyaquatic ecology with emphasis on algae, impct of long term changes, (uses environmental monitoring, paleoecology, taxonomy), periphyton in evergladesGaiser, EvelynFlorida International UniversityBiology/SERC(305) 348-6145
ecologyaquatic ecologyaquatic community ecology, ephemeral wetlandsJenkins, David University of Central FloridaDepartment of Biology(407) 823-1660
ecologyaquatic ecologyAquatic ecology: interactions between invertebrates and the environment of species composition and abundanceOsborn, RaeNorthwestern State University of LouisianaDepartment of Biological Sciences(318) 357-5323
ecologyaquatic ecologywater quaality, phosphorous cycling, stream assessment and restorationBenzing, PaulFairleigh Dickenson UniversityDepartment of Biological and Allied Helath Science(973) 443-8776
ecologyaquatic ecologycommunity and ecosystem ecology, aquatic food webs, biodiversity and ecosystem processes and stabilityDowning, AmyOhio Wesleyan UniversityDepartment of Zoology(740) 368-3890
ecologyaquatic ecologyaquatic ecology: bioassessment of creeks, aquatic entomologyRoessler, Rose-MarieCentre CollegeDivision of Science and Mathematics(859) 238-5311
ecologyaquatic ecologyaquatic ecology, seagrass ecology and restorationBologna, PaulMontclair State UniversityDepartment of Biology & Molecular Biology(973) 655-4112
ecologyaquatic ecologyaquatic ecology of stream fishesBarton, ChristineCentre CollegeDivision of Science and Mathematics(859) 238-5322
ecologyaquatic ecologyStream ecology/ aquatic microbial ecologyHendricks, SusanMurray State UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences2707626365
ecologyaquatic ecologyLimnology, environmental chemistryKipphut, GeorgeMurray State UniversityCenter for Reservoir Research(270) 762-2847
ecologyaquatic ecologyAquatic community ecology, restoration of brook trout, watershed characteristics and land-use influence on riparian and stream communitiesHuckins, CaseyMichigan Technological UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(906) 487-2385
ecologyavian ecologyAvian ecology, behavior and systematics, systematics with DNA and enzymesIngold, JamesLouisiana State University-ShreveportDepartment of Biological Sciences(318) 797 - 5236
ecologybehavioral ecologyBehavioral and physiological ecology of mammals: Sciurids (squirrels) vocal behaviorSalsbury, CarmenButler UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(317) 940-9879
ecologybehavioral ecologybehavioral ecology of small mammalsKruper, JillMurray State UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(270) 762-3224
ecologybehavioral ecologyBehavioral ecology of crayfish and insectsZiemba, RobCentre CollegeDivision of Science and Mathematics(859) 238-5335
ecologybenthic ecologyBenthic Ecology, organism-flow interaction, biomechanics, hydrodynamicsFinelli, ChrisLUMCONDeFelice Marine Center(985) 851 - 2800 x 2844
ecologybiogeochemistrybiogeocehmistry: trace metal biogeochemistr, nutrient cyclingPowell, RodneyLUMCONDeFelice Marine Center
ecologycommunity ecologyCommunity ecology: temporal environmental variability (desert annual plants, crustations in temporary aquatic habitats)Phillips, PollyFlorida International UniversityBiological Sciences(305) 348-6163
ecologycommunity ecologyPlant insect interactions, molecular evolution of plant defense, primary succession on volcanoesBishop, JohnWSU-VancouverSchool of Biological Sciences(360) 546-9612
ecologyconservation biologyEcology nd conservation of marine mammals and seabirds: seabird community in Chile, New Zealand sealsWainstein, MichelleUniversity of WashingtonDepartment of Fisheries Sciences(206) 221-5294
ecologyconservation biologylife history evolution, ecology, conservation biologyBurke, RussellHofstra UniversityDepartment of Biology(516) 463-5521
ecologyconservation biologyEcology and conservation biology: reptiles and amphibiansRyan, TravisButler UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(317) 940-9977
ecologyecologyEcology and evolution, entomologySmith, MarkFullerton College
ecologyecosystem ecologyEcosystem modeling: coastal ecosystem response to impactsReyes, EnriqueUniversity of New OrleansDepartment of Geology and Geophysics(504) 280 - 6790
ecologyevolutionary ecologyEvolutionary ecology, community ecology, lizards, energetic costAkin, JonathanNorthwestern State University of LouisianaDepartment of Biological Sciences(318) 357 - 5323
ecologyforest ecologyForest Ecology and managementNagel, LindaMichigan Technological UniversitySchool of Forestry and Wood Products(906) 487-2812
ecologyforest ecologyForest ecology: effect of forest prep on regeneration, northern hardwood silviculture, forest growth and yield modeling, stand and landscape visualization, urban and community forestrySchmierer, JamesMichigan Technological UniversitySchool of Forestry and Wood Products(906) 487-2963
ecologyforest ecologyForet ecology, landscape ecology, remote sensingWeishampel, JohnUniversity of Central FloridaDepartment of Biology(407)823-6634
ecologymarine and terrestial ecologymarine and terrestrial ecology, Marine invertebrate taxonomy (echinoderms)Rempala-Kim, ErinSan Diego Mesa CollegeDepartment of Biology6193882424
ecologymarine biologybiology and marine ecology (broad)Olah, AndreaBellingham Technical College(360) 738-3105 (x. 431)
ecologymarine ecologyecology of marine invertebrate populations, invertebrate life histories, benthic ecology, biological oceanographyHentschel, BrianSan Diego State UniversityDepartment of Biology(619) 594 - 0358
ecologymarine ecologyMarine Ecology, symbiotic crabs and invertabrate host, hypoxia on zooplankton, recovery of invertebrate communities with Phragmites removalGrove, MichaelRowan UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(856) 256-4500 (x3579)
ecologymarine ecologymarine ecology: stressors to marine invertebrates and seagrasses, modeling impacts of stressRichmond, CourtneyRowan UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(856) 256-4500 (x3555)
ecologyphysiological animal ecologyphysiological ecology of small mammals, habitat fragmentation and immunocompetence and energy allocationDerting, TerryMurray State UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(270) 762-6327
ecologyplant ecologyCoastal plant ecology/ecophysiology, restoration ecologyHester, MarkUniversity of New OrleansDepartment of Biological Sciences5042806740
ecologyplant ecologyPlant ecology, plant/animal intereactions, plant population/community ecology, fire ecology, herbivory, pollinationKoptur, SuzanneFlorida International UniversityBiological Sciences(305) 348-3103
ecologyplant ecologyplant ecology, invasive species, restoration ecology, conservation ecologyCabin, RobertPlattsburgh State UniversityDepartment of Biology(518) 564-5277
ecologypopulation ecologypopulation ecology;insect ecology; conservation ecology; restoration ecology; science educationWilliams, KathySan Diego State UniversityDepartment of Biology(619) 594-4358
ecologyquantitative ecologyquantitative ecology and biostatisticsDeutschman, DougSan Diego State UniversityDepartment of Biology(619) 594-5391
ecologyterrestrial ecologyterrestrial ecology: plants and animals of Florida's xeric pinelandsStout, JackUniversity of Central FloridaDepartment of Biology(407) 823-2919
educationeducationcognition, learning, teachingBelcher, JimValencia Community CollegeDepartment of Biology(407) 582-2108
educationeducationrewriting chem labs, computerizing data collection and analysisHansen-Polcar, LoisCuyahoga Community CollegeDepartment of Biology - Western Campus(216) 987-5497
educationeducationstudent learning Geils, Beth Valencia Community CollegeDepartment of Biology(407) 299-5000x4834
educationeducationEnvironmental Education and EvaluationMcConney, Amanda Archbold Biological Station(239) 949-8689
educationeducationteaching in higher education (change journeys in articulation of beliefs and practices)Grim-Hunter, NancyChicago State UniversityCollege of Education(773) 995-2097
educationeducationHigher ed: misconception in animal physiology ;past research interest: developmental biology: melecular control of skeletal muscle developmentWenderoth, MaryUniversity of WashingtonBiology Program(206) 685-8022
educationeducationScience education: History of ScienceWisehart, GarySan Diego City College(619) 388-3550
engineeringenvironmental engineering?water pollution assessment, control and treatmentKemp, MichaelMurray State UniversityIndustry, Engineering and Technology(270) 762-3657
evolutionmolecular geneticshuman molecular genetics of groups in lousiana, architecture and stability of genomesDoucet, JohnNicholls State UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(985) 448 - 4721
evolutionno current researchno current research; previous research: evolutionary ecology and physiologySpradley, MinouSan Diego City College(619) 388-3290
evolutionparasite biologyparasites, evolution, population ecologyBird, JackieNorthern Michigan UniversityDepartment of Biology(906) 227-1586
evolutionsystematicsmolecular systematics: venomous snake evolution; conservation genetics: marine turtlesParkinson, ChrisUniversity of Central FloridaDepartment of Biology(407) 823-4847
evolutionsystematicsMolecular evolution and molecular systematicsFreeman, ScottUniversity of WashingtonBiology Program(206) 685-8022
geologygeologyGeology: Historical geology of Illinois/ChicagoSpentzos, MareaChicago State UniversityEnvironmental Sciences, Sci 309(773) 995-2097
geologygeologystructural Geology; education: learning in large general ed classesMcConnell, DavidUniversity of AkronDepartment of Geology(330) 972-8047
mathmaticsmathmaticsbarrieres to learning mathematicsHaehl, MarthaPenn Valley Community College(816) 759-4221
mathmaticsmathmaticsmathmatical optimal control strategies (applications pest management, cancerous tumors)Fister, ReneeMurray State UniversityDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics(270) 762-2489
medicinemedicineimmunotherapies for S. aureus infections, Role of killer cell in pregnancyFagan, DianaYoungstown StateDepartment of Biological Sciences(330) 941-1554
microbiologyapplied microbiologyApplied Microbiology: E. coli 0157 vector interactions; hort & aquaculture: dayliliy breeding, Chlorella as fry food; Education Thinkwell biology, computer based testing for assessmentLand, MichaelNorthwestern State University of LouisianaDepartment of Biological Sciences(318) 357 - 5343
microbiologybiocontrol / symbiotic fungibiological control of plant pathogens, ecto/endo fungi, rhizospere bacteriaBecker, DonnaNorthern Michigan UniversityDepartment of Biology(906) 227-2443
microbiologybioremediationbioremediation of hazardous chemicals (oil spills and explosive chemicals)Boopathy, RajNicholls State UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(985) 448 - 4716
microbiologybioremediationBiodegredation/remediation using white rot fungus, biochemical composition in fenugreek, enzymes in fungus PilabolosDhawale, ShrikrishnaIndiana University- EastChemistry(765) 973-8227
microbiologyenvironmental microbiologyEnvironmental Microbiology, bioremediation (organics), diesel exhaust environmental pollutantsBagley, SusanMichigan Technological UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(906) 487-2385
microbiologygeomicrobiology/astrobiologygeomicrobiology, evolution and diversity of life on early earth, astrobiology of mars, bioremediation: oil spills, acid mine drainage, phytoremediationWalsh, MaudLouisiana State UniversityDepartment of Agronomy(225) 578-1211
microbiologymicrobial ecologymicrobial ecology and environmental microbiologyKinkle, BrianUniversity of CincinnatiDepartment of Biological Sciences(513) 5566-9756
microbiologymicrobial ecologymicrobial ecology, microbial intereactions, Clostridium degredation of environmental wasteLanduyt, SandraPenn Valley Community CollegeDepartment of Biology(816) 759-4234
microbiologymicrobial ecologybacterial physiology: synthesis of secondary metaboilites, biocontrol of plant pathogensNowak-Thompson, BrianNorthland CollegeCSE 212(715) 682-1803
microbiologymicrobial ecologywater microbiology; bacterial chemotaxis; electron microscopyTuhela-Reuning, LauraOhio Wesleyan UniversityDepartment of Botany/Microbiology and Zoology(740) 368-3511
microbiologymicrobial physiologyAntibiotic resistence patterns of thermotolerant fecal indicators from geese, goose bacteriocinsMiddleton, JuneFairleigh Dickenson UniversityDepartment of Biological and Allied Helath Science(973) 443-8772
microbiologymicrobial physiologyhow bacteria cause disease (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, host defense strategies (and the decline of these stategies), public healthJagger, KathleenTransylvania UniversityBiology Program(859) 233-8172
microbiologymicrobial physiologymicrobial pathogenesisGerbig, DonaldKent State University - Tuscarawas(330) 308-7484
microbiologymolecular geneticsmolecular genetics: gene amplification in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast)Paquin, CharlotteUniversity of CincinnatiDepartment of Biological Sciences(513) 556-9732
natural resourcesremote sensingRemote sensing, GIS, natural resource assessment with GIS, Image processingCetin, HalukMurray State UniversityMid-American Romote Sensing Center(270) 762-2085
natural resourcesremote sensing/aquatic ecologyremote sensing of lakesBudd, JudyMichigan Technological UniversityDepartment of Geological and Mining Engineering an(906) 487-2590
physicsphysicslow energy experimental nuclear physicsMateja, JohnMurray State University(270) 762-3191
physicsphysicsComputational Physics: monte carlo simulation of photon diffusion in tissueSisson, CynthiaLouisiana State University-ShreveportDepartment of Physics(318) 797-5229
zoologyanimal behaviorBehavior of wild and domestic mammalsBernstein, PennyKent State University - StarkBiological Sciences(330) 244-3438
zoologyanimal behaviorAnimal Behavior: roosting behaviorSabine, NeilIndiana University- EastDepartment of Biology(765) 973-8389
zoologyanimal behaviorAnimal Behavior, ecology, herpetology, environmental studies, environmental justiceMiddendorf, GeorgeHoward UniversityDepartment of Biology(202) 806-7289
zoologyanimal physiologyphysiology, drosophila, temperature dependent sex ratios, turtleClendening, BeverlyHofstra UniversityDepartment of Biology(516) 463-5528
zoologyanimal physiologyanimal physiology/behavior: mechanisms of mammal auditory processing (bats and mice)Portfors, ChristineWSU-VancouverSchool of Biological Sciences(360) 546-9434
zoologyanimal physiologyanimal physiology: gender diff in ventriculr hypotrophy, education: manipulatives influence in biology/life scienceKrontiris-Litowitz, JohannaYoungstown StateDepartment of Biological Sciences(330) 941-3572
zoologyanimal physiologycomparative physiology/biochemistry of fishLondraville, RichardUniversity of AkronDepartment of Biology(330) 972 - 7151
zoologydevelopmental biologydevelopement, nematodes, cytoskeletonAamodt, StephanieLouisiana State University-ShreveportDepartment of Biological Sciences(318) 797 - 5214
zoologyfish biologyfish biology: fish physiology and ecologyLeonard, JillNorthern Michigan UniversityDepartment of Biology(906) 227-1619
zoologyherpetologyherpetology: lizard life history, amphibian population dynamics, physiological and evolutionary ecologyNiewiarowski, PeterUniversity of AkronDepartment of Biology(330) 972-7311
zoologyherpetologyEcology Evolution and HerpitologyFauth, JohnUniversity of Central FloridaDepartment of Biology(407) 823-1661
zoologyhuman physiologyhuman physiology, cardiovascular physiologyJones, Chicago State University
zoologyhuman physiologyhuman physiology: reproductive toxicology in the maleSylvester, StevenWSU-VancouverDepartment of Biochemistry and Biophysics
zoologyhuman physiologyNeuroscience: Neural control of movementMcFarland, JennyEdmonds Community CollegeDepartment of Biology(425) 640-1116
zoologyhuman physiologyhuman physiology: molecular mechanisms in smooth muscle contraction; herbal pharmacology: characterization of medicinal herbs from Belize Mayans (check for smooth muscle contraction)Slish, DonaldPlattsburgh State UniversityDepartment of Biology(518) 564-5160
zoologyhuman physiologyhuman physiology: histologyTahamont, MariaRowan UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(856) 256-4500 (x3584)
zoologyhuman physiologyhuman physiology: aging and acute and chronic pain of spinal cordLovell, JohnKent State University - Stark(330) 499-9600 (x53427)
zoologyhuman physiologyhuman physiology, changes to coronary artery with hypertensionJenkins, CathleenCuyahoga Community CollegeBiology - Western Campus(216) 987-5054
zoologymolecular biologyMolecular biology of the insect cuticleRebers, JohnNorthern Michigan UniversityDepartment of Biology(906) 227-1585
zoologyno current researchno current research; past: synergistic effects of herbicides with organophsphate pesticides, web dynamics, trophic transfer in marine benthos; current interest: molecular phylogenetics of invertebratesPape-Lindstrom, PamelaEverett Community CollegeDepartment of Biology(425) 388-9480
zoologyno current researchno active research: parasitology and immunotoxicologyOsborne, CharissaButler UniversityDepartment of Biological Sciences(317) 940-9600
zoologypopulation ecologypopulation genetics of redents and deer, assessment of learning in biological sciencesDavin, TerryPenn Valley Community CollegeDepartment of Biology(816) 759-4236