Case Studies

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science

At the University at Buffalo, they have been experimenting with case studies in science courses for over 15 years, with initial support provided by a FIPSE grant from the Department of Education . They have found the method to be amazingly flexible. It has been used as the core of entire courses such as "Scientific Inquiry" or for single experiences in otherwise traditional lecture and lab courses. Cases dealing with cold fusion, AIDS, acid rain, ozone depletion, and toxic waste disposal have been used with undergraduates, graduates, and students in professional schools.  A case on cystic fibrosis has been used in small laboratory sections run by teaching assistants and a case on the spotted owl has been employed in a large class of over 400 students.  In their experience, students exposed to the case method have been extraordinarily excited and actively involved in their learning. A National Science Foundation Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement program grant ( NSF #9752799 ) allowed us to extend their annual summer workshop to a national audience and expand development of this site to include this refereed national clearinghouse for case studies in science. 

The Clearinghouse for Decision Case Education. at the University of Minnesota

This Web service was developed to help educators, students and other interested individuals learn more about decision case education. Here you will be able to share ideas on this new and exciting field of study, order case study materials, as well as locate teaching aids and other relevant resources from around the world.